Monday, July 14, 2014

Tjap (chop) Making

Tjap storage

A new tjap in the making

Master tjap artist

Forging copper sheets

Tooling the copper to make small shapes

Small pieces to be added in to the tjap

Partially complete tjap

Back showing frame to hold pieces in place

Tjap that has been through the final step of evening the height of the copper
Today I met with the tjap (pronounced "chop") makers to see their process first hand.  The tjap or stamp in used for applying hot wax on the hand dyed fabric to create the motifs or designs using a resist method.  The tjap artist follows our designs to create a stamp that is completely hand-tooled by bending, cutting and crimping the copper pieces. 

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  1. Oh wow those are some very talented men. Thank you for showing us the amazing. If they have some chops that didn't work out for sale...definitely buy me a few :) I'll definitely reimburse you!