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About Hoffman California Fabrics

In 1924, Rube Hoffman, a New York textile jobber, founded Hoffman California Fabrics soon after relocating to Los Angeles. He began by selling wool flannels to California department stores and clothing manufacturers. He quickly expanded his operation by purchasing greige goods (undyed fabric) on which to imprint his own original designs. Transitioning from a jobber to a converter, Rube played an important role in the growth of California's textile industry.

His sons, Philip and Walter, both champion surfers, joined the company in the 1950s and combined their passion for traveling to their favorite surfing spots with discovering unusual printing processes and different types of fabrics. Soon, Hoffman California Fabrics abounded with original designs of surfing scenes, beach life and the underwater world.

Left to Right: Walter, Rube and Philip Hoffman.

The 1970s found Hoffman California Fabrics enjoying great success both in textile manufacturing and the apparel industries. The company was in position to catch the new wave of interest in quilting. This was around the time that the Whitney Museum held a groundbreaking quilt exhibition that helped elevate quilt-making to an art form. This coincided with the American Bicentennial and the popular TV program, "Roots," that piqued the country's interest in history. Anything homemade and connected to personal family ancestry was greatly sought after, and quilt-making led the way thanks to its storytelling tradition. The quilt world exploded, and Hoffman Fabrics answered demand by making quilting fabrics.

Today, three generations of Hoffmans are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, which has its headquarters in Mission Viejo. More than 50 employees are involved with filling orders and shipping fabric to retail fabric stores, craft shops, quilt stores, apparel makers, wholesale distributors, and manufacturers throughout the world. Our team of professional artists in the Design Department creates nearly 800 designs of colorful screenprints and luscious Bali batiks each year. The fabrics are sold by independent sales reps that call on customers throughout the U.S.

Hoffman California Fabrics location in Mission Viejo, CA.
Known internationally as Hoffman California-International Fabrics, the company enjoys a special place in the global fabric industry for its superior fabric and innovative design. The company partners with wholesale distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Japan. These distributors sell Hoffman fabrics to apparel makers, manufacturers, fabric and craft stores and independent quilt shops around the globe.

This year, Hoffman California Fabrics celebrates its 90th anniversary and continues in its leadership position as the finest producer of screenprints and Bali batiks. Whether you're buying fabric to produce a product for resale or purchasing stock for your fabric store, count on Hoffman California Fabrics to deliver the finest fabrics and the best customer service.

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