Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hand Dyeing and Batiking

Jafar measuring dye
The first dyebath to create Chiles color batik

Carrying dyed fabric out to grass field
Looking down at the stone path with drips of dye
Ice color fabric, sprinkled with soda ash
Beautiful field of yellow
Having a try with one of my favorite tjaps - the nest

Too much fun

My batiked fabric after dipped in dye
After Jafar explained measuring and mixing dyes we watched the guys take the fabric out to the fields, then I tried my hand at stamping the fabric with the hot wax.  The copper stamp is pretty heavy.  The first step is to let the stamp sit in the hot wax for a few seconds.  Then the trickiest part for me was to shake the stamp with enough force to remove just the right amount of wax.  Then stamp the fabric and a little tap (and the perfect line up) and you are on your way.  Today they will boil off the wax - more pics to follow.


  1. Love all of the visuals of the Batik process! Fabulous! Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Without your blog postings...people would not have an appreciation for the process. Thankfully they will be able to search and find your publication and one day they will be all the richer because you took the time and energy to share with the rest of us...thank you!